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Information about me

Woohoo, welcome my dears!

My name is Oleh Komarnitsky, I'm 18 years old and currently live in the city of Lviv. Study in Lviv University on the programmer. I have a million hobbies seriously. I love to program, develop websites, walk, watch movies, spend time with friends and many, many.

I have long thought of the idea to create the next site and here I realized that I do not have my own site. Here is how this miracle appeared to me.

Here I have some photos, links to my social network. In the future I plan to start my blog, though still not sure of that. Soon I will post here my portfolio.

My photos

Oleh Komarnitsky seventyfly photo in Kyiv Oleh Komarnitsky seventyfly relaxing time Oleh Komarnitsky seventyfly photo in L'viv

If you have some comments, ideas or just want to meet with me you can write me in social networks, links to which are located a little below this post.

What about a blog? Maybe it will be created soon, but who knows.

Oh, yes, if you need a site completely of any size, type, etc., do not be shy just contact me and we'll think of something seriously.

Do not forget to write to me soon! I'm still waiting for you.

My social pages

Oleh Komarnitsky seventyfly in instagram Oleh Komarnitsky seventyfly in facebook Oleh Komarnitsky seventyfly in vk.com vkontakte